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Niska Banja is a spa town in southern Serbia, located 9 km eastern from its third largest city, Nis. The municipality of Niska Banja is one of the five urban municipalities of the City of Nis. In 2002, the population of the town was 4,437, while population of the municipality was 15,359. Niska Banja is situated 9 kilometers from Nis, just south from the main Nis–Sofia motorway. Niska Banja is situated at the bottom of Suva Planina Mountain.

The closest airport is Nis Constantine the Great Airport. Niska Banja is situated at the bottom of Suva Planina Mountain. It was first mentioned centuries ago, in 448, and with the remains and traces of antique (thermae - public baths ll cent.) and early Byzantium period it has been keeping its tradition and uniqueness.

Saint Proust noted once down in 1768 that its bathroom in open was like the one in Budim. Even rice was grown here once.

Health values

Niska Banja is thought to heal coronary and blood vessels diseases, increased blood pressure and rheumatic disorders. It also offers the treatment of orthopedic injuries, body weight control, anti-cellulite treatments and postoperative rehabilitation. The Institute of Niska Banja is equipped with modern medical equipment.


VILA EMA Niška Banja, Vidoja Jovanovića 79;

Phone / Fax: 018/ 454 - 80 - 36, 011/ 288 - 60 - 34;

Mob. 063 133 - 82 - 36; 063 72 - 64 - 415




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